Enes Kanter Loses a Fist Fight with a Chair, Might Be Out for Two Months

Kanter probably shouldn't have thrown hands at that chair. Chair caught a body.
January 27, 2017, 5:01pm

Enes Kanter chose the wrong chair to mess with on Thursday night. It's unclear what sort of self-defense training the Dallas Mavericks-provided chair had received, but it certainly had some fight in it, and repelled Kanter's assault vigorously enough that the big man suffered a right forearm fracture. He could be out for upwards of two months. The chair suffered no reported injuries.

In the middle of the second quarter of a 109-98 Thunder win over the Mavericks, Kanter dropped his fist to punch the chair in frustration. This was when the chair somehow flipped up, hit Kanter's forearm, and wrecked him royally. After the game, Steven Adams said of Kanter, "He's already really hard on himself, like no one else can be as hard on Enes as he is on himself. He's probably just feeling so under the weather, just feel bad for him," adding, "He's alright, mate—still alive." Kanter left the arena with a wrap around his wrist and regret all over his face.

The Turkish seven-footer has been something of a second-unit all star for the Thunder this year, tallying 6.7 rebounds and 14.4 points over 21.6 minutes per game. On a team fighting to hold onto the sixth playoff spot in a stacked Western Conference, two months without such a dependable player is bad news. At the risk of editorializing too much: Kanter probably shouldn't have thrown hands at that chair. Given that the chair literally caught a body, it's likely that it might be a while before we see any NBA player lining up for a rematch.