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Garey Faulkner’s face and beard on game day are spectacularly tiger-striped. Plus he’s got a custom jersey that says “Bengals Beard.” AND he drives an old school black and orange lowrider. He’s hard to miss. Created by Bud Light and VICE Digital...


Garey Faulkner's face and beard on game day are spectacularly tiger-striped. Plus he's got a custom jersey that says "Bengals Beard." AND he drives an old school black and orange lowrider. He's hard to miss.

How did you fall in love with your team?

I've been watching Bengals games since the late 80s, when I was just a kid. Training camp is my first memory. I remember how much fun it was to be up-close and watching the team practice.


How, when and why did you start dressing up, collecting or becoming more than a regular ordinary fan?

Almost six years ago I started painting my beard and head with Bengals' colors. Now I'm inspiring the fans from all the other teams to copy my style, but that started here with the one and only Bengals Beard! My fav moment was being in Pittsburgh when we won in two minutes and then we walked out of the stadium in silence amongst them.

What is your favorite NFL moment or team memory?

Hanging out with players outside of football. They treat me very well and recognize me as a true fan and supporter.

What distinguishes you from other fans of your team?

I create a new look every game, while others repeat the same thing every game.

I create a new look every game.

How did you develop your costume / get your nickname /develop your Superfan persona?

My beard - Bengals Beard - it was just an easy fit. Even opposing fans including 'squealers' ask for pics. I've taken millions of photos over the years with fans. It's fun and nice to meet people everywhere. Even in other countries

What is your favorite keepsake or piece of Memorabilia?

I had a practice ball from the day I got engaged to my wife. I gave it to a girl fighting brain cancer named Kayleigh. #teamkayleigh

When did you start collecting / building your fan cave?

I collect news articles, magazine prints, and these crazy, custom made chains.

What is your game day ritual? How do you prefer to watch the game?


I'm up early, painted, and on the road 2 hours in advance. Then we stop at my wife's work to take care of the animals. Usually, then we hit the tailgating.

How does it feel to be known by your friends and peers as a die-hard fan?

It's a lot of fun. I meet so many great people.

What is the best thing about your team?

Our colors and the drive to a championship ring. We are close.

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