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Insanely Classy All Black Gives His Gold Medal to a Young Fan Tackled by Security

It was a world class act of classiness.

It's safe to say that handsome-pants Sonny Bill Williams—winner of two NRL premierships,a boxing title, and now two rugby World Cups—is actually the man who has it all. The man simply owns. And what do you do when you have it all? Why, give stuff away, of course.

After a jaw-dropping performance yesterday, in which the All Blacks put the nail in Australia's coffin with a sensational try, Williams saw a young pitch invader get tackled by an aggressive security guard, and gave him. his fucking. gold. medal. Honestly, it doesn't get classier than this, people.


"Just before he came to give me a hug he got smoked by one of the security guards and I felt pretty sorry for him you know," Williams said to One News.

"If that was a younger brother or cousin I would have given the security guard a hiding you know. But I just picked the kid up and took him back to his old lady and tried to make the night more memorable for him. Better (for the medal) to be hanging around his neck than on my walls at home."

According to Fox Sports, Williams, a devout Muslim, also gave his semi-final match tickets to Syrian Refugees in London. Oh, and dealt out a hug to a South African player probably minutes after kicking his ass on the field.

As for the kid: understandably, he was super-pumped—astronomical levels of joy.

Now the kid owes Williams big time. Like, say, a rugby World Cup championship when he grows up to become an All Black himself.


Sonny Bill Williams has been awarded a second replacement medal because everyone fucking loves him.

.@SonnyBWilliams receiving his new @rugbyworldcup winners' medal to a standing ovation at the #WorldRugbyAwards
— World Rugby (@WorldRugby) November 1, 2015