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Dikembe Mutumbo Delivers the Tallest, Stankiest Stanky Legg Imaginable

It doesn't get much stankier than that.

As if Dikembe Mutombo wasn't already the stuff of legends, the 7'2" former NBA player is a humanitarian, the star of a world-saving video game, and a rumored Don Juan with the pickup line "Who wants to sex Mutombo?" And now he's delivered the world the tallest, stankiest legg. Congratulations, Mutumbo. You made it.

Today, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver posted a video via Instagram of Mutombo throwing it down at the NBA holiday party. First of all, the NBA has a holiday party—which sounds like a lot of fun—and second of all, they bizarrely invited young-people-hero Silentó to do his hit track "Watch Me."

Yeah, yeah. The song's overplayed. It's annoying as hell. It rips off a lot of original work. But thank goodness for Silentó's over-popularity, because we have been graced with hopefully the stanky legg's final superlative: the longest stanky legg ever recorded. It truly is a lot of legg to stank.