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Heroic Ronaldo Finds Woman's Lost Phone, Returns it and Parties With Her

Cristiano Ronaldo came to the rescue of one woman in Las Vegas who lost her phone. He returned the phone, took them out to dinner, and posed for several pictures. He is a truly great person.
July 7, 2015, 4:05pm

When he's not setting up handsome goals for his lesser teammates, or treating kids to a surprise kick about with an inordinately handsome panhandler, Cristiano Ronaldo is the world's most handsome good samaritan. It seems while hanging out in Las Vegas recently, Ronaldo came across a lost phone and was able to track down the owner, Austin Woolstenhulme.

Austin was also in Vegas for a Zedd concert with a bunch of her friends a few nights before when she lost her phone. But our dashing hero was able to track her down two days later. After returning her phone, Ronaldo treated the women to a night of dinner and possibly drinks? Maybe dancing?

The caption on this photo posted to Instagram reads: "Bad news is I lost my phone two days ago. Good news is Cristiano Ronaldo found it. Better news is he took us to dinner last night." Ronaldo also posed for a group picture with the ladies. He was rocking some sweet Jordans and a tasteful belt buckle.

We've got one more picture, though, and this is one that Ronaldo did not pose for, but one which would not be possible without the Real Madrid star. Austin and one of her friends, Alexis, snapped a bathroom selfie in his hotel suite. Returning a lost phone, dinner, pictures, and permission to use the loo? This guy gets it.