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Take a Sip of Vancouver Duo So Loki’s “Liquid Luck”

Stumble into success with the west coast crew

About to do some public speaking? Have to break up with someone? Want to make your Twitter account open to DMs? That's brave. You're going to need some "Liquid Luck," which is the name of a new song by Vancouver rap duo So Loki. Frontman Sam Lucia and producer Geoffrey Millar penned the bass heavy jam for those moments that call for confidence via alcohol. "I need some liquid luck, something to lift me up," the chorus drums. So Loki explained the track to Noisey, saying, "At times we get pumped up and put into situations where temptation can overwhelm even the strongest of us. 'Liquid Luck' is the anthem for our ongoing struggle we have with that balance. Often we run off fumes to get through the day and it can be hard not to blur the lines of what's acceptable and what's over indulgent behaviour." Listen to So Loki's "Liquid Luck" below:


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