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A Guide to Dining with a Sugar Baby, from a Beverly Hills Sugar Daddy

Nick is your classic LA millionaire: he works as a talent agent, his second marriage is falling apart, and he sleeps and eats delicious meals with a large number of women that he meets on sugar daddy websites in his spare time.
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A sugar baby is a young male or female who is financially pampered and cared for by a sugar daddy or sugar mommy in exchange for companionship. Welcome to Sugar Babies, a column about sugar babies and the food they eat on dates.

Nick is a 51-year-old sugar daddy in Beverly Hills. He's basically your classic LA millionaire: he works as a talent agent, his second marriage is falling apart, and he sleeps with a large number of women that he meets on sugar daddy websites in his spare time. Of all the SDs I've interviewed, Nick is definitely the most forthright and self-aware about his sugar daddy experiences.


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As Nick puts it: "I'm perverse in my relationships, shallow in my pursuits."

MUNCHIES: So, how long have you been a sugar daddy? Nick: Five years. It's a very passionate hobby of mine.

Do you tend to date more than one SB at once? Are you a slutty daddy? Yeah, I usually have a handful going at one time. I think Uber needs to launch "Uber Sugar Daddy," which allows you to order more than one car at once. How am I supposed to organize an SB threesome through Uber, or arrange for one SB to be dropped off at my house 15 minutes after my last SB left, if I can only order one Uber at a time? It's a flaw in the system.

Your life sounds really stressful. So, what's a good first date spot for an SD? There are two main places where SDs meet their SBs here in Beverly Hills. The first is the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the second—which is the best—is the Montage Hotel. The rooms there are like $1,000 a night. There are at least three sugar baby first-meets happening there at any given lunchtime. I currently have a relationship with a sugar baby who's an actress. Last week I was a little late to meet her at the Montage, and two different men introduced themselves to her and asked if she was someone else. And then we watched these two guys go have lunches with other young women. It's so fun to watch! Like being on safari. The SDs will spring for a $200 lunch, because they're confused and think they're on a real date, and that the girls like them for them. So you have these fantastic tables full of yawning girls and men being really animated and feeling great.


Sounds glamorous. So, what's the sugar baby demographic in LA? Well, you have the USC and the UCLA crowd, then you have the actresses—a lot of those. There's a few models, but sometimes they want a little more money. There's a lot of smart women, many with master's degrees. If you go to Hilgard Avenue, the entire sorority enrollment just passes around sugar daddies. I met one sorority girl on the site, and then a few months later my close friend brought her to a BBQ at my house.

What's the most memorable date you've been on recently? I was seeing one SB who was a pageant queen. She was a bit skanky, but she meant well. We met for lunch at Public Kitchen in the Roosevelt Hotel—it's a fancy gastropub, of sorts. Now, I sometimes like to arrange surprise "encounters," so to speak, in order to keep things interesting. So I had paid one of my other sugar babies, who's in her late 30s, to come to the Roosevelt and pretend to be my wife. So when the pageant queen went and I up to a hotel room after lunch, Sugar Baby 2 showed up and started pounding on the door and screaming, "Nick, I know you're in there! I'm going to kill you!" The performance was a bit overplayed, but the pageant queen was sufficiently punk'd.

You're scary. Why do you stage these encounters? What do you get out of it? A Beverly Hills sugar daddy has no rhyme or reason to what he does.

What's the going rate for a sugar baby these days? Out here, on a monthly basis girls want like $4,000. There are 2 million women on Seeking Arrangement in this country—it's more the norm than the exception! And they all want a long-term arrangement and a monthly allowance. But it's economics 101—when the supply is high, the price goes down. Most girls don't want to be paid on a per-time basis, because it feels too transactional—remember, these are well-educated women who have been taught to be self-respecting. But there's a conflict here, because sugar daddies are a fundamentally insincere group. It's hard to get a long-term sugar daddy, because variety is the spice of life for an SD.


And why do you suspect that most of these girls want to be SBs? In my opinion, student debt has precipitated the sugar baby phenomenon. Girls get out of college, they have to pay $1,000 a month in rent—and that's if they have a roommate. They pay for their car, their phone, plus an $800 a month loan bill. Some come to Hollywood. They show up by the hundreds, every day, seeking fame and fortune. And only a few will make it. In the old days, they would have worked as a server. But being an SB pays way better.

Any tips for aspiring SDs? In my opinion, an SD should bring a gift on the first meeting to put some skin in the game. That's how you know he's not a flake. I usually give $200 for a first lunch. But it depends—if she has a nose ring, I'll usually pass. I'm not into equestrians. I once met an ex-military SB, but underneath the uniform—god, it was like a battlefield under there. I'd like to meet her jeweler; that guy really made a fortune.

What's a really classy Beverly Hills SD/SB hangout? The Sunday buffet at the Four Seasons is a classic. It goes from 10 AM to 3 PM. It's $70 a person, but if you get there right at 10 and eat for five hours, it's only $14 an hour. I recommend bringing two SBs back to back—one from 10 to 12, and another from 1 to 3, and if they have the same color hair and you get them to wear the same color dress, you may not even have to pay for the second one.


You're so resourceful. Thank you. The Polo Lounge is also really classy—old Hollywood. They've got good salads—SBs love salads—and a great burger and good seafood. And a lot of Hollywood meetings happen there, betweens agent and managers and their clients, so an older guy eating with a younger girl doesn't look weird. Another personal favorite of mine is the Foxwood, which is the Gordon Ramsay restaurant at the London Hotel. I always go for the burrata. They have good charcuterie, and the sea bass is quite good there. And they have lots of options for the vegan SBs. There's "a few" vegan sugar babies in LA.

Do LA SDs have to be conscious of their SB's dietary preferences? Like it would be an epic fail to take an SB to a pizza place, right? Because gluten is evil. Well, I don't know. I wouldn't on first date, but I've taken a couple girls to this really good pizza place in Beverly Hills called Dough. Wait, hold on… my soon-to-be-ex-wife is calling me. Can I call you back? I'm going through a divorce.

Sure… [17 minutes later] OK, so where was I? So, Perch is a hip new restaurant. It's a French place in Downtown LA. Downtown has become very hip, like the equivalent of Brooklyn. There's only two real restaurants in LA that have outdoor rooftop dining with a great view, and Perch is one of them.

Can you describe your ideal sugar baby? I usually like my SB to have at least a one of the following: 1) a bachelor's degree from either UCLA, USC, an ivy league, or a big ten college; 2) a master's degree; 3) at least 4 IMDB speaking credits; 4) the ability to speak more than two languages; 5) representation at either Wilhelmina, Ford, or IMG modeling agencies. I thrive on shallow relationships.

Thank you, that was enlightening.