These Lamb Meatballs Don't Come with a Couch


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These Lamb Meatballs Don't Come with a Couch

These lamb meatballs are super easy to prepare, and a perfect complement to a cozy winter's evening spent binge-watching Netflix in a pile of blankets.

Whoever originated the term "Netflix and chill" probably meant "chill" in the social (or, uh, sexual) sense, but it's mid-January and most of the chilling we're doing is sulking under a pile of blankets while our insufficient space heaters sputter in the corner in futile attempts to bring the room to a temperature that doesn't necessitate wearing a parka indoors. And the Netflixing is literal, not euphemistic. (We may have plowed through Black Mirror far too quickly, and will now have to start over back at season one of The X-Files for the third time in the last four years.)


Anyways, let's talk "couch food," since some of us are eating a lot of it. Sometimes it's sad, like a whole box of Wheat Thins dipped in an uncomplementary flavor of hummus. Sometimes it's procured from an app and delivered by a miserable but good-natured guy in a pilling beanie who can somehow withstand riding his bike through the most frigid of nights. But on the best nights, it's homemade. And we're not talking a gluey box of Yellow-5-imbued macaroni and cheese.

RECIPE: Lamb Meatballs

No—follow in the footsteps of Julia Ziegler-Haynes, who knows her way around a kitchen. We're making some truly worthwhile lamb meatballs tonight. And they take no time at all.

It takes only a minute to massage some ground lamb with garlic, onion, parsley, spices, salt, and pepper. Catch up on episodes of The Crown while you let the mixture marinate in the fridge.

Spoiler alert: You need to throw out that blue cheese while you're at it. That shit is from August.

Then just fry them up in a pan and devour them while they're still hot. On your rickety couch, of course.

This first appeared on MUNCHIES in January 2016.