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Timeboy & Daedelus Present Their New Chaya Live Visual Experience [Exclusive Trailer]

Live motion artist Timeboy and electronic musician Daedelus pair up for the Magical Properties tour.

Los Angeles electronic pioneer and monome maverick Daedelus is embarking on his fourth US tour with his Magical Properties imprint, bringing some of LA’s freshest producers with him. Along for the ride are Salva, Two Fresh, Ryan Hemsworth, and Samo Sound Boy. The show includes a stunning live visual component from Teaching Machine and Strangeloop partner Timeboy (aka John King), who helped design and implement the Layer 3 experience for Flying Lotus’ last international tour. King is now collaborating with Daedelus to bring his unique blend of live dance motion capture and immersive C4D motion design to the Magical Properties stage.

Salva is supporting his latest bass-packed Friends of Friends EP Odd Furniture while Daedelus’ Scion A/V offering “Looking Ocean” re-vamps with the vinyl treatment. Watch our exclusive preview of the Chaya visuals above for a sampling of what to expect at the Magical Properties 4 Tour, which kicks off tonight at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge. The video also features Deadelus’ amazing “Flying Sail feat. Computer Jay” off the “Looking Ocean” EP.

Directed by fourclops + 2Nice
Dance by Maya Guice
In Video Visuals by Timeboy
Camera by Skylar Wilson
Playback Coordination by Dan Meyerowitz @justinstaple