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Ground Reinterprets The Cruelty Of War

Ryoichi Kurokawa and Daniel Demoustier construct a new understanding of war.

Multimedia artist Ryoichi Kurokawa, whom we’ve seen work with landscapes before in his immersive installation Octfalls, presents his latest work Ground, a reconstruction of war through a combination of documentary film and sounds.

Presented at the Exit Festival in France, this installation comprises three HD displays and 3.1 channel sound. Kurokawa collaborated with Belgian TV NEWS director and camera man Daniel Demoustier, using footage he recently recorded in the Middle East. As each display screen offers a distinct, subjective perspective of conflict, war, and suffering, Kurokawa succeeds in presenting a new view of the region’s turmoil by readjusting the space and time of context. By reconstructing Demoustier’s footage, adding gestural manipulations and distortions and adding audio, Kurokawa both distorts and amplifies reality of war in the Middle East.


But perhaps Kurokawa’s concept can be better explained in his own words:

In this work, it gives an aspect of the still image in the moving image, that is to say, a slow transition sequence from one motion to next motion (between the shots) extends the moment. The fragments of images and sounds make a rearrangement of time to avoid making a sort of story. The long and slow sequence enhances the strain and the pressure to the viewers. It emphasizes also the event as "war", the terror, the fear. This audiovisual installation provides time and space to reflect on the actual event which happens on the same ground.

[via Creative Applications Network]