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Short CG Film Depicts A Blinged Up Ocean Full Of Diamonds And Jewels

The organic meets the mineral in Tetsuka Niiyama’s Hinode.

HINODE from niiyama on Vimeo.

If you’re having a hectic day, or you’re anticipating one, then zone out to this CG short from Tetsuka Niiyama called Hinode. It reimagines the sea as a place decked out in sparkly jewels, showing saltation and underwater life growing and moving, but blinged up to the max with diamonds and rubies.

The computer imagery is so crisp your eyes will hurt. The animation mixes the crystalline forms with the organic movement of marine life in a manner that’s very pleasing and soothing to watch. Niiyama explains, “It creates mystifying and attractive scenery by the ores resembling creatures of sea and its transforming refraction and reflection of light that are affected by the organic moves.”

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Images: Niiyama