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Listen to Huntar and ILoveMakonnen's Late Night Creep Anthem, "4AM"

The South London singer remixes one of his biggest hits from 2016.

22-year-old South Londoner, Huntar, found himself on Spotify's viral charts last year for his mixture of silky R&B vocals and electronic pop production. Two of his biggest hits of 2016, "SKIN" and "4AM" followed that formula, racking up over five million streams on Spotify. Today, we're premiering Huntar's remix of the latter, featuring ILoveMakonnen. In his verse, Makonnen raps about being emotionally unavailable to someone he regularly hooks up with while still enjoying their company. Through email, both Huntar and Makonnen shared their thoughts on "4AM":


Huntar:  "I wrote 4AM at a time in my life where I was in between relationships and living the single life. You meet someone that isn't necessarily relationship material but you still wanna 'Netflix and Chill' with them, which for me is usually at 4am in the morning."

Makonnen: "I'm very excited to be apart of this song with Huntar. It truly captures a modern day love song that I know many can connect to in our digital age."

Photo: Daisy Finetto

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