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Watch the Illustrated Accompaniment for Alice Ivy's "Touch"

The dreamy Avalanches-inspired soundscape is taken into an animated wonderland.

With "Touch" (featuring vocals from Georgia Van Etten), the first single from her upcoming debut album, Melbourne producer Alice Ivy showcases an inventive flair for composition akin to Avalanches and J Dilla. Now, in the midst of touring the single nationally, Alice has unveiled the animated video accompaniment for "Touch"—transporting us into a dreamy wonderland in the process.

Watch the clip, animated by James Thompson & Bill Presser, above. Stay tuned for full details on Alice Ivy's debut LP, due sometime this year.

Tour dates:
February 12 // Kubu Studios // Geelong, VIC
February 18 // The Workers Club // Melbourne, VIC
February 18 // Cats @ Rocket Bar // Adelaide, SA
February 27 // Waratah Hotel // Hobart TAS