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Ouri Finds Self-Acceptance Through Sensuality in Her "Left Me" Video

The lush visual for the electro-R&B track was inspired by harsh Montreal winters.

If you've ever lived in Montreal in the winter, then you know how the long, bitterly cold months can provoke seasonal depression and isolation. After experiencing these feelings of malaise firsthand, South America-born DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Ouri was inspired to explore the phenomenon of melancholy in the video for her single "Left Me."

Shot during this period, and directed by Adrian Villagomez and Jonathan Brisebois, the abstract visual sets the bass-heavy, electro-R&B track (featuring vocals by Montreal's Odile Myrtil) to lush plant imagery and rich red hues. Over email, the artist told THUMP that their goal was to show "how an intimate connection to our body allows us to elevate ourselves and to truly take control of our lives." "Self-acceptance occurs via sensuality, often specifically for feminine subjects. We wanted to represent this experience as a cycle," said Ouri. "The predominantly red aesthetic represents the heat, the humidity, the sensuality that leads to an overflow, an empowerment. It's like a renaissance."

Watch the video above, and pre-order her EP Superficial before it comes out May 26 on Make It Rain Records.

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