Cipha Sounds Tells Desus and Mero How He Went from 'Chapelle's Show' to Tidal

The DJ stopped by the late-night show to talk about hanging with Jay Z, leaving Jersey, and becoming a comedian.
May 12, 2017, 2:02pm

After making a name for himself in the DJ circuit, Cipha Sounds wound up working with Jay Z, touring with Lil Kim, becoming the official DJ for Chappelle's Show, and more. Now he's a comedian in his own right, hosting the Hip-Hop Improv Show on Tidal—which, to Desus and Mero, means he's an official member of the Illuminati.

On last night's episode of Desus & Mero, Cipha joined his fellow Bronx natives to talk about buddying up with Jay Z—a process he said is just as hard as it sounds. Plus, he told the hosts about working with Dave Chappelle, leaving Jersey, and what it was like to launch his DJ career at New York's wildest nightclub.

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