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Walter Ego's New EP Brings Computer Life to the Dance Floor

Click here to hear a soulful human voice sing the phrase "press control, alt, delete."
September 4, 2014, 6:52pm

If you've never heard someone sing the phrase "press control, alt, delete," now's your chance, as that's the title of the next release from prolific house label 2020 Vision. The label revealed the title track via SoundCloud a few days ago, and now we have the official remix of the tune from UK duo and Hot Creations alumni PBR Streetgang. A soulful woman's voice sings the hook on "CTRL + ALT + DEL (PBR Streetgang Remix)," which, to be perfectly honest, sounds a little cheeky. Nevertheless, it sounds great with the slow-burning instrumental, which features chunky blobs of bass and repetitive monotone notes that eventually transform into a siren-like whine.


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