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This Gooey Animation Gives Us Major Synesthesia

A world where manmade materials grow and squirm like living creatures emerges in Six & Five and Twistedpoly's new video.
Images via Six N. Five

If marshmallows grew on trees, they'd look a little like the fluffy, furry, squirmy creatures growing in Hugo in the Garden, a minute-long 3D animated short by Barcelona-based Slovenian duo Six & Five and Nejc Polovsak (a.k.a., Twistedpoly). The project experiments with what it'd look like if artificial materials germinated or behaved like flora and fauna. Polyurethane foam ensnares a plastic houseplant; wool knitting snakes around a stick. The movements are familiar and organic, but these organisms are unlike any found on Earth.


Eze Matteo did the initial sketches for the project. To visualize the squishy, pastel world, Six & Five created the 3D art direction and sculpture design, while Twistedpoly did the animation. A synth-heavy, sci-fi score and sound design invoking the sound of balloons rubbing together was done by Cipheraudio. See it come to life below:

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