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France's Best Beatmakers Get Together with La Fine Équipe in La Boulangerie 3

The enormous 28-track compilation is umami for your speakers.

France's thriving beat-making scene will be getting a massive boost in December and we have La Fine Équipe to thank. Made up of musicians oOgo, Blanka, Chomsk', and Mr Gib, the foursome have brought the country's best producers - from C2C's 20syl to Stwo-approved Everydayz - together for the third installment of their irregular compilation, La Boulangerie ("The Bakery"). Before you ask: yes, all the tracks are indeed inspired by baked goods. When we heard them, the first previews from the album, "Make U Greedy" and "Eat U", felt like eating a piping hot croissant on a crisp Sunday morning; they warmed us from the inside and for the first time in our lives, we were truly happy.


We got in touch with La Fine Équipe to share one more track from La Boulangerie 3 and they sent us this collaboration with THUMP favourite, Fakear. Deliciously titled "Cheese Nan", it rolls string sections and distorted synths into a dough of sub-bass. It generously coats the top with vocal stabs and the puts the whole thing into a brick oven at four-hundred and twenty degrees. Simply put, it is umami for your speakers.

Look for the compilation on Dec. 1st via Nowadays Records. Preorder here.

La Fine Équipe are on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud

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