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See All the Seasons of Norway in Panoramic 8K Splendor

Where the land begins and the sky ends is beautifully ambiguous.

From temperate summers to sun-flecked autumn to the chilling bite of winter, Norway is a wealth of sense-provoking sensations throughout every season. The short video from Oslo-based production company, Turbin Film, was a time investment spread out over several months, 200,000 photographs snapped, and 20,000 miles traveled. The 8K timelapse was captured and edited by photographer Morten Rustad.

Each seasonal view picks up on a few of the captivating aspects of Norway's least developed, yet most visually serene, locations. Clouded skies over landmasses, reflective waterways at sunset, and natural greenery all add to an artistic vision of Norway. Turbin Film is familiar with the inspiring terrain of Noway, having recently created a proportionately scenic video of skateboarders gliding and performing tricks across the icy landscape.


Watch the entire breath-taking, 7-minute display of the seasons, as well as soak up some of the most elegant moments, below:

See more creative video work from Turbin Film on their Vimeo page, here, and their website, here.


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