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Flight Facilities Would Like To Direct Your Attention To Their Debut Album and Upcoming Tour

The Aussie act announces their debut album and international tour.

For a production duo, Flight Facilities have an immaculate safety record. Since launching in 2010 each their seven singles have taken off and landed perfectly, circling the globe in style. If they were an airline we'd trust them with all our travel, but they're a production duo so we trust them with our listening instead. We were all ears when they announced a debut album today, Down To Earth. It's due to arrive October 24 on Future Classic, and features previous high-flying hits alongside collaborations with Emma Louise, Reggie Watts, Owl Eyes and Bishop Nehru. Flight Facilities also announced an extensive, cross-continental tour that has stops throughout Australia, as well as Paris, London, New York City and Los Angeles. The uplifting news was capped with the following video presentation.


Pre-order the album, and follow the arrivals and departures of their tour here