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This Map of the Most Popular Foods on Pinterest Says a Lot About America

Hey Arkansas, what's with your obsession with Coca Cola?

foodporn: We love it, we share it, we want everyone else on the internet to see it (we know you went to Alinea six months ago, please stop telling us about it).

This goes out to all the people with their cameras out, hovering above their dinners, hitting all the angles: Pinterest recently shared some statistics about what its users care about most, and according to a recent press release, the site's number one category is, you guessed it, food.


Like any good social media site, Pinterest has loads and loads of data about their users, which it will occasionally distill into a cute little, easy-to-digest infographic. Pinterest's "Foodnited States" of America project showcases the most popular food items on the site on a state-by-state basis.

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Pinterest's list is like some Jackson Pollock painting made of mayonnaise and cupcake batter: all we know for sure is that, somehow as a whole, it must make sense, even if it's indecipherable chaos to the naked eye.

Some populations in our dear country are almost too predictable. Marylanders are looking for scallop recipes, people in Louisiana want shrimp (pasta), and those hardcore Alaskans just want some "survival" recipes (seriously). Meanwhile, the fine people of Massachusetts are really into martinis, which does little to dissuade the notion that north of Boston, the state is little more than drunk croquet players knocking back vermouth on Cape Cod.

Then there are some more curious items. For example, Iowa really loves Chex mix, Virginia is a little too into smoothie bowls, and the people of Wyoming are in search of something called "energy bites."

But the most mind-boggling people on this list have to be those living in Arkansas, who apparently just really, really love Coca Cola. Then again, a'int that America?

Take a look at the entire list below:

The Foodnited States
Alabama: pound cake
Alaska: survival
Arizona: chiles
Arkansas: Coca Cola
California: figs
Colorado: carnitas
Connecticut: cannoli
Delaware: crabs
Florida: cake toppers
Georgia: wing recipes
Hawaii: matcha
Idaho: canning
Illinois: wild rice soup
Indiana: noodle casserole
Iowa: Chex Mix
Kansas: chicken enchiladas
Kentucky: peanut butter fudge
Louisiana: shrimp pasta
Maine: donuts
Maryland: scallops
Massachusetts: butternut squash
Michigan: no bake cookies
Minnesota: broccoli salad
Mississippi: chicken spaghetti
Missouri: cheesecake dip
Montana: scones
Nebraska: sloppy joes
Nevada: cake pops
New Hampshire: martinis
New Jersey: sangria
New Mexico: empanadas
New York: falafel
North Carolina: banana pudding
North Dakota: oatmeal bars
Ohio: peanut butter brownies
Oklahoma: taco soup
Oregon: curry
Pennsylvania: Peach Schnapps
Rhode Island: flower cupcakes
South Carolina: red velvet cupcakes
South Dakota: tater tots
Tennessee: corn bread
Texas: stuffed avocado
Utah: coconut chicken
Vermont: beets
Virginia: smoothie bowls
Washington: Thai chicken
West Virginia: pumpkin desserts
Wisconsin: puppy chow


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