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Justin Vernon Thinks It's "Cool" That Brad Pitt Listens to Bon Iver When He's Sad and Vaping

Vape on, Bra.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going through a divorce right now. It means that "Brangelina," a word so deeply ingrained in our culture that it doesn't set of Google Docs' spell check detectors, is no longer needed. Purge that word. It is useless to you now. There is only "Bra" and "Ngelina."

While Ngelina has been attending the premiere of her new film in Cambodia, appearing in public and talking about the split, Bra has been living life much like any handsome LA-based chap might, wearing flannel shirts, sculpting at a studio in Frogtown, and vaping. (The evidence is compelling). His soundtrack, according to right-wing disaster zone the Daily Mail, is Waylon Jennings's "Just to Satisfy You" and the collected works of Bon Iver.


It's all very relatable and charming and handsome. And Justin Vernon himself responded to the revelation yesterday on Twitter.

Truly, these are exciting times we live in. Vape on, Bra. Vape on, and listen to Bon Iver.

Lead image via DoD News on Flickr.

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