Yes, Yes, Yes, The Great Escape Festival Is Here

... and here's the line-up for our stage.
The Great Escape Noisey stage line-up 2019

You know the drill: festival, on beach, in Brighton, by the sea. Lots of fun. No need to camp. Messed up hotel rooms all over the shop, or nights out spent watching the sun rise over the pier. All the new bands you could ever want to see, and a whole load more that you probably don't. It's The Great Escape – the yearly inaugural festival of the UK festival calendar, kicking off the summer.

We're doing a stage there again this year, like we always do. Today we announce the line-up, which is…. dun-dun-dun, drum-roll pls! Greentea Peng! Tiana Major9! Westerman! Murkage Dave! Aitch!

Whew. It's gonna be at Patterns, on the Friday. Which, if you need a proper date, is Friday 10 May. Slap that in your calendar. And for those who need some more info, well: Greentea Peng makes a zen-like amalgamation of neo-soul and jazz (head here to find out more, in our interview with her); Tiana Major9 is the voice in black British soul; and Westerman – you'll wanna listen to the west Londoner when you're feeling rough/stoned, check "Outside Sublime" for proof. Then there's Murkage Dave, with his wavey brand of UK storytelling, and finally headliner Aitch for all the rap fans.

See the full flyer in all its glory below:

Noisey Line Up The Great Escape Festival Poster Flyer

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