Tink Returns With New Project, 'Voicemails'

The Chicago artist follows up 2018's 'Pain & Pleasure' with 'Voicemails,' a 12-track project released independently.
Queens, US
April 29, 2019, 2:26pm
Courtesy of Machine Entertainment Group

Tink has more mixtapes under her belt than you may realize. As a teen in Chicago, her Winter's Diary series served as an audio journal filled with the tales of high school crushes and dysfunctional friendships. In 2017, she signed to Timbaland's Mosely Music Group to focus on creating a debut album. Her joint deal with Epic and Timbaland went sour, forcing Tink to return to releasing her music independently. Last year, she dropped Pain & Pleasure, a six-track EP that found her with total creative control over her music for the first time since 2012. Now, she's back with Voicemails, a new 12-track project sporting a feature from DeJ Loaf. It's a reminder that Tink is at her best when she's able to do what she wants.

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