Watch the ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ Trailer, a Game About Building Resistance in a Cyberpunk London

'Watch Dogs: Legion' leads players to recruit citizens to fight on the streets of London.

Ubisoft revealed Watch Dogs: Legion at its E3 press conference on Monday. The sequel to Watch Dogs 2 follows the hacker collective DedSec to London. “In Watch Dogs Legion, your mission is to build a popular resistance to an authoritarian regime,” Ubisoft said at the conference.

In previous Watch Dog games, players could explore a city and hack its electronics to take over cars, mess with police systems, and disable security. In Watch Dogs: Legion, the player recruits a variety of people from the streets of London to help build a resistance.


“Everyone has a reason to fight and DeadSec is open to anyone,” a friendly AI tells a new recruit during the trailer. “Welcome to the resistance.”

The gameplay trailer opens with a harrowing description of near future London.

“Government’s fucked off. Extremists are grabbing power. Organized crime slicing up the burroughs. The war dogs are out and freedom’s a bloody joke,” the narrator said. The video follows a man named Ian as he explored the streets, looking for a drone expert to help DedSec resist the authorities. He walks through a crowd, scanning phones and gathering intel. He finds a drone expert, but police are assaulting him. Ian rescues the drone expert, but dies in the process. Play transfers to a new character in DedSec’s roster, who picks up Ian’s torch and recruits the drone expert into the resistance.

Like previous Watch Dogs games, there’s hacking, drones, explosions, and ultraviolence. “There’s a new power growing in London,” the narrator says. “All of us.”