'Game of Thrones' Accidentally Left Two Water Bottles in the Series Finale

They were less obvious than the Starbucks cup, but they were there.
Game of Thrones
screenshots via HBO

Well, it happened. We finally got to see how Game of Thrones ends and, uh, it seems like the cast had good reason to be disappointed about this season. The episode was flat and monotonous, racing through plot beats without pausing to earn any of them, and leaning too hard on the acting chops of Peter Dinklage and sad Drogon to hold it all together.

But there was at least one big surprise in the otherwise dull 80-minute finale, and no, we're not taking about the glorious Ghost reunion: two plastic water bottles made unexpected cameos in King's Landing.


During Tyrion's trial—which awkwardly turned into everyone deciding a hyper-dimensional being who exists outside of space-time would make a good king—the actors playing both Sam and Davos can clearly be seen hiding bottles of water under their chairs. The internet was, unsurprisingly, extremely pissed.

Sure, the season eight shoots were famously brutal, and people get thirsty. And, fine, this final production error is less obvious than Daenerys's coffee cup from a few episodes back and less egregious than the moment Gendry literally forgot his own name, but still. It's hard not to see the pair of plastic bottles as anything but another example of how Weiss and Benioff phoned in this past season.

Unless… Could it actually be intentional? Could they be telling us something? Is Arya going to sail off into the oceans west of Westeros and run into a Poland Spring bottling plant in modern-day Maine, The Village-style? We'll have to wait for the inevitable spinoff for that one. At least it'll be better than the spinoff where King Bran stares blankly into space and mumbles for an hour every Sunday night.