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Someone Delivered a Giant "L" to the Cavs and the Game Hasn't Even Started Yet

Surely, this will curse one team or the other tonight.
Screenshot via Twitter / @NBCSWarriors

May we all be so blessed in our lives to witness a metaphor pass before our very eyes. Today, as the Cavaliers are preparing to host the Golden State Warriors for Game 3 in Cleveland, the stadium crew delivered a literal "L" into the Quicken Loans Arena. And you better believe that no one is going to let that go.

Behold in all of its glory:

There are any number of reasons an "L" would be delivered to Cleveland's arena—there could be some kind of pregame or halftime show where they spell out "Cleveland Cavaliers" or "LeBron" or "Sorry We're Gonna Lose This One, Too." If I were a betting man, though, I'd go with "Cleveland Cavaliers"—there are three "L"s there to distribute. "Golden State Warriors" only has one "L." So that's 3-1 Ls… Coincidence?! I think not.