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Assuming 'Rage 2' Is Real, What Unexpected Sequel Would You Dream Up Next?

If people can speculate about id Software's weird open world game getting a follow-up, don't let anyone crush your hopes.
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If a series of listings by Walmart Canada are to be believed, Rage 2 is coming. Rage 2? Rage 2! A sequel to id Software’s weird open world game, which had a great shotgun and lots of promise, but mostly didn’t deliver? I guess! But the way Bethesda has winked at what’s going on suggests maybe we should actually take Rage 2 seriously.


So, okay. I liked Rage more than most, but couldn’t tell you anything about what happened in the game, beyond the shotgun. I have no idea what Rage 2 would look like, other than being a shooter set in the wasteland, but maybe this is a Prey 2 situation.

Wait, that game was cancelled…

Bethesda has a solid track record of resurrecting its dead franchises. Among Doom, Prey, and Wolfenstein, I’m reluctant to call bullshit on their gambles.

That said, it got me wondering about other weird franchises that could/should get a surprise sequel, long after people had moved on. I’m not talking reboots, which means Doom, Prey, and Wolfenstein don’t count. There’s something specific, funny, and bold about coming out with a game called Rage 2, instead of naming it something else.

In another timeline, I would have said, Spelunky 2, but hell, we’re actually getting that. Alan Wake 2 scratches a certain itch, but that one feels kinda plausible. Part of what I’m looking for here are games that render a “Wait, what?” reaction from people.

Bully 2 is tempting, but given all the rumors over the years, it doesn’t count.

Dragon’s Dogma 2? Hell yes, but again, too plausible.

Chrono Trigger 2—with an actual “2”—would legitimately take my breath away in the same way people lost their marbles over the news about a Final Fantasy VII remake.

Okay, okay, I know the game I implausibly want: Prince of Persia 2. Specifically, a sequel to the 2008 version of Prince of Persia, the one with that sofuckinggood art style. I’m still mad we never got a sequel, given the way it ends. And while the platforming was “easy,” whatever. It looked and played like something out of a dream, and I miss it.

If the world can have Rage 2, give me Prince of Persia 2, you cowards.

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