We Don't Deserve Leslie Jones and Alyssa Edwards's New Friendship

But we desperately need it.

While comedian Leslie Jones may be famed for her uproariously funny Saturday Night Live skits, she’s also highly revered on Twitter realm for her biting pop culture commentary. No matter what her obsession-of-the-month may be, we can rest assure that it will be broadcasted to her followers with accompanying narration worthy of its own comedy series.

Just last month, Jones took to Twitter to announce her latest obsession: RuPaul’s Drag Race. In less than a month’s span of time, she’s watched several seasons worth of the show and live-tweeted all the important highlights.


Currently, Jones is working her way through Drag Race: Season 5, and she’s not holding back any outrage, opinions, or indifferences. Leslie, I promise Roxxxy gets nicer in All Stars 2, but I can’t promise that the Pit Crew will have shoes any time soon.

One unapologetic exclamation that Jones has made during the course of her viewership is that she proudly stans Alyssa Edwards, a tongue-popping Texas pageant queen and dance choreographer with a Southern drawl and an all-around hilarious persona.

Leslie Jones found herself fond of Alyssa after likening her to a woman she’d meet at a Tupperware party. Can’t say I disagree with this take.

Anyone who has seen Drag Race knows the annoyingly persistent attempts made from Coco Montrese to shade Alyssa (and anyone else in the room if she wasn’t doing well). The two had an elongated beef prior to Drag Race after an issue at Miss Gay America 2010, and competing alongside one another during Season 5 allowed for some awkward encounters. Needless to say, Leslie Jones was not here for Coco’s attitude.

She was not a fan of past judge Santino Rice’s comments about Alyssa, either.

One promising thing that came out of Leslie Jones’ new found love for Drag Race—aside for the pure, comedic entertainment it’s provided us all—is the potential new friendship between Jones and Alyssa Edwards. “If you see this tweet, Alyssa, please tweet me back, because I literally need to be your friend,” she said in one of her clips, “I need a country ass text from you every night going, ‘BITCH, WHAT YOU DOING?’” Same, though.


Lucky for Leslie, Alyssa happened to see the tweet and is down for the alliance.

World of Wonder, NBC, are you listening? This is the comedy special America needs right now.

So yes, Leslie and Alyssa, if you’re reading this, we’re waiting patiently for some updates. Livestream this “hoot and toot” of a kiki, screenshot the texts, anything. Just remember, don’t fuck it up.