Jay Rock's "Win" Is Victorious As Hell

Like, there are trumpets. Plus: it features Kendrick Lamar on the ad-lib.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Is there any instrument that gets humans as a collective species more hyped up than the trumpet? The trumpet is victory, it is pomp, it is ceremonious as all fuck, and Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar know it, because it's all over their new track "Win"—hear it above.

Jay Rock takes the reins for this one, with Kendrick Lamar (who has a co-write credit) on ad-lib duty. The triumphant track opens with those horns, which, for the record, will make you feel like the most successful version of yourself in any situation, and sees Jay Rock delivering a frankly amazing hook: "Win, win, win, win / Fuck everything else!" It's great advice!

It's expected that "Win" will appear on Jay Rock's as-yet-untitled upcoming album—which will also include the Kendrick and Future-featuring "King's Dead"—but as no release date has been announced yet, for now just revel in "Win," and go about your day victoriously.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.