Groom Wins Super Bowl Bet with Bride, Gets to Wear Eagles Jersey at Wedding

Jennifer Sullivan was so confident Philly had no chance to beat New England in the Super Bowl that she agreed to let her soon-to-be husband wear an Eagles jersey at the wedding if they pulled it off.
Screen capture via YouTube/AP

If you're in the midst of planning a wedding, it's usually best not to place any bets. You're probably already practically going broke because you sprung for magnolias vs. gardenias, so why introduce even more chaos?

In the case of Jennifer Sullivan, she made that fatal mistake, by betting her husband-to-be Patrick Hanks that the Eagles would never make it out of the Super Bowl alive against the New England Patriots. The stakes? Sullivan was so sure of the outcome that she said Hanks could wear an Eagles jersey at their wedding ceremony. Oops.

After the defending champs were dethroned by the Eagles 41-33 in Super Bowl LII for Philadelphia's first championship in the post-AFL-NFL-merger era, the bet was sealed and it seems that Hanks wasn't going to back down:

The man hid a Carson Wentz jersey in the bushes at their wedding, which took place this past weekend at Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie, Pennsylvania, per the Associated Press. The officiant decided to cue him and he doffed his tux jacket, grabbed the jersey, and put it on, as the crowd chanted "E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!" with Philadelphia's fight song playing in the background.

The fact that the bride just laughed and shook her head—instead of slapping him upside his—means that this is true love, people.