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Have Dinner and a Selfie with David Cameron for a Mere £12,000

Y tho.

Is it weird that you dragged the UK into an economic crisis, like, kind of without meaning to? What was it like to put your erect penis into a dead pig? Does looking like an adult baby make it difficult to buy wine at Oddbins? These are all questions we have for ex-Prime Minister David Cameron.

Lucky for us, the Old Etonian is advertising a dinner date and—yes, AND—a selfie, for a mere 12,000 of your English pounds. A selfie! With the old Prime Minister!! What a gem to whip out at social events when you’re not sure whether you’re coming off Tory enough, or want to steer conversation away from Theresa May's latest political blunder.

According to the Mirror, Cameron was offering Chinese business leaders the opportunity to dine with him for £12,000 at the Shanghai International Ball and Leaders' Forum earlier this week. It was first spotted by the BBC’s China correspondent, Robert Brand, who tweeted about the stonking opportunity with the caption: “Fancy meeting @David_Cameron to talk about that new #China UK investment fund he’s leading?”

The confusing dinner date comes as a result of Cameron’s trip to China to meet Prime Minister Xi Jinping ahead of the launch of the ex-politician's new investment fund.

An unmissable opportunity for those interested in Chinese politics and pig sex.