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What Brexit leader Nigel Farage really thinks of Donald Trump

"Trump isn't really a Republican candidate," he told VICE News.

This segment originally aired Nov. 7, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

“The world would be a safer place with Trump than it is with Hillary [Clinton],” U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage told VICE News correspondent Ben Ferguson in London prior to last week’s U.S. election. “She is an avid interventionist, and not just America but us, too: I genuinely think we’ve made the world a less-safe place by our recent interventions.”


Donald Trump wasn’t able to persuade many of America’s top conservatives to campaign for him before his stunning victory Nov. 9. But Farage, the man behind the U.K.’s Brexit vote in June to have the U.K. withdraw from the European Union has been a loud and powerful supporter in the U.K. Like Trump, Farage gleefully rejects political correctness and has been accused of racism.

Farage saw a lot of similarities between Brexit and the U.S. election when he campaigned for Trump in Mississippi in August, he said.

“Trump isn’t really a Republican candidate,” Farage said. “Almost nobody in the Republican hierarchy is supporting him. It’s a political movement.”

Farage met with President-elect Donald Trump in Trump Tower days after the election to celebrate his victory.

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