There's Already an All Star Remix of Charli XCX's "Out of My Head"

Producer AG Cook recruits Mykki Blanco, Dorian Electra, Tommy Cash, and Hannah Diamond for a new version of the track.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Image via AG Cook on Soundcloud

Charli XCX's very good mixtape Pop 2 has been out for four whole days now, which, for restless pop maker Charli and the tape's producer AG Cook, is a lifetime. So, AG has put out a remix of one of its tracks, "Out of My Head," via Soundcloud. The song originally featured ALMA and Tove Lo, and now hosts spots from Mykki Blanco, Dorian Electra, and Tommy Cash (who appear on two of Pop 2's most interesting tracks—Mykki and Dorian on "Femmebot" and Tommy on "Delicious"), as well as Hannah Diamond, who also just dropped an EP called Soon I won't see you at all.


Charli herself doesn't seem to appear on this remix, though that's almost made up for by Mykki Blanco delivering gems such as "I'm a little emo, but you a fuckin' asshole," and Tommy Cash cranking up the weirdness in her absence. It's just as fun as the original, and vocals from Dorian Electra and particularly Hannah Diamond provide a counterpoint to the song's original sound.

On Pop 2, Charli extended her propensity for collective-driven pop, with most tracks featuring a collaboration, and showed that she's one of the best pop curators in the world. This new reimagining of "Out of My Head" is an extension of that, and it also indicates further that she and AG Cook will be important figureheads of pop's daring next phase.

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