VICE Meets Molly Crabapple

We sit down with the artist, writer, and activist to hear how she went from chronicling nightlife to sketching life at Guantánamo Bay.

On The VICE Guide to Right Now, VICE's daily podcast, we delve into the biggest news of the day and give you a rundown of the stories we're reading, working on, and fascinated with.

Today we revisit an interview with Molly Crabapple, an artist, writer, and activist whose work has appeared in Vanity Fair, the Paris Review, and the New York Times. After spending years chronicling nightlife at a burlesque club in New York City, Crabapple's art took a political turn in 2008 when she turned her eye toward the Occupy Wall Street movement.

On this episode, Crabapple explains how her experiences with Occupy transformed her career, leading her to cover life at Guantánamo Bay, Syria's civil war, architecture in the West Bank, and beyond.

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