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Steve Lacy's TEDx Talk Fits January Much Better Than It Did December

His TEDxTeen address is a chill and motivational ode to making the most of what you have.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

New Year's Resolutions are all well and good. But if they involve having any sort of motivation they can be kind of difficult to keep when it's dark, cold and the only thing you're interested in doing is being in bed. It can also seem like you're the only one who feels this way – big thanks to social media for that – but thankfully, today inspiration comes from a very chill source.

Released on YouTube just before Christmas, Steve Lacy's TEDxTeen talk, "The Bare Maximum" actually seems as though it was made for January. So I'm revisiting it today, and maybe you should too (watch it up top!).

In the talk, The Internet guitarist and producer discusses his career so far, and his beginnings as a kid who just really wanted a Macbook Pro. Eventually, he got his hands on an iPod, and began making beats on it, and describing that, he said "I realised that I didn't necessarily need what I thought I did." That's a lot of wisdom from a 19-year-old, and it's well worth hearing – if not for his anecdotes about The Internet, and his process of recording only on an iPhone, then for some very chill motivation about taking it steady and using what you've got.

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