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Man Breaks into Pub, Gets Drenched in Beer, Leaves Without Stealing Anything

Good work, mate.
Photo via Flickr user Bernt Rostad.

Look, staging a robbery is no easy feat. Who hasn’t thought about committing a small illegal act for a bit more dosh? Who hasn’t, in a day of desperation, snuck into a pub, knocked open the Carlsberg tap, doused themselves in beer, then left without out any money or goods? Let he without sin cast the first stone.

Indeed, this was the case for one robber in Scotland who managed to break into a pub, spill booze all over himself, and leave empty-handed.

As reported by the BBC, the robbery took place at 5.20 AM on Saturday at the Mid Yoken Pub in Edinburgh. The robber, wearing all black, broke into the pub but managed to knock open a tap of beer and left without taking any money. As a result, police believe the assailant was probably soaked in beer when he left the establishment on a mountain bike.

In a statement from the police, PC Richard Boyle explained, "while it appears nothing was stolen, the pub has lost some stock, due to the beer tap being knocked open.”

"As a result of this, we believe the suspect has been doused in beer and so anyone who recognises the description of this male, or who saw someone covered in beer in the East Craigs area during the early hours of Saturday morning should come forward.”

Can’t be that hard to find people stinking of booze on a Saturday morning, right?