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An EDL Paedophile Has Been Jailed for 17 Years

The far-right Islamophobic group notoriously loves accusing Muslims of being paedophiles.
February 27, 2018, 11:14am
Leigh McMillan, EDL member and convicted paedophile, standing in front of the Cenotaph. Photo: Facebook 

Leigh McMillan, a senior member of far-right protest group the English Defence League, was jailed yesterday for subjecting a schoolgirl to a "spiral of sexual abuse" during the mid-1990s.

The paedophile started grooming the girl with cigarettes and drugs when she was 10 years old, reports Court News UK, and abused her 100 times, leaving her feeling like "every day was Groundhog Day".

For his crimes, McMillan was sentenced to 17 years in prison at the Old Bailey on Monday.

A favourite charge of the Islamophobic EDL is to accuse Muslims of being child abusers, with the group capitalising on a couple of high-profile cases of "Asian grooming gangs" to tar all Muslims and South Asians living in the UK as paedophiles.

Some EDL members seem to be aware of the problems McMillan's crimes could now cause them, in light of this.

Campaign website Hope Not Hate reports that the 46-year-old, from Milton Keynes, used the name "McMillen" on social media, where other EDL members have already called on anyone in the know to keep any information relating to his child abuse to themselves.

"We don't want the left rubbing our noses in the dirt pretending they are whiter than white themselves," wrote one.