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Behold This Working Rubik's Cube Made Out of Cheese

This is the ASMR we needed today.
Screengrab via YouTube

When British puzzlemaker Tony Fisher made his Guiness Record-setting World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube, he almost seemed underwhelmed by his own finished project. "I am sure some people will ask why I have made this cube, and what's the point," he asked in a YouTube video, as he calmly pushed the 220-pound puzzle out of his garage and into his back garden.

One could ask the same thing about why he made a working Rubik’s cube out of Cheddar cheese squares, but we kind of know the answer to that question: because he is clearly some kind of lactose-tolerant genius.


“This one is pretty crap,” Fisher admits, again downplaying his own wizardry. But it is a little crap, especially when compared to some of his other creations, like the Rubik’s cubes he’s made from ice or from lit candles—or that record-setting, garage-sized monster puzzle. But the cheese cube does work, and he uses different colors of pushpins as stand-ins for the colored squares on a traditional Cube. In a second cheese-related video, he shows how to solve the cheese cube, “using a method that [he] devised in 1980.”

Fisher’s ingredient of choice was a block of Sainsbury’s Full Flavour Cheddar Cheese, which he cut into squares and attached to a plastic Rubik’s base. There’s something oddly soothing about watching him twist several giant hunks of cheese, holding it above a TV tray as he sits in his sparsely furnished living room. (It is less soothing to watch him eat it, after he’s handled it for several straight minutes).

“I promise that the next edible puzzle I show will be much, much better,” Fisher says. How, Tony? How can you get better than cheese?