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This Guy Says Kung Fu Movies Helped Him Survive an Insane Samurai Sword Attack

"I was able to Wing Chun my way to survival."
March 15, 2018, 6:03pm
Photo via Alex Lovell / Facebook

Earlier this month, 29-year-old Alex Lovell had to "Wing Chun [his] way to survival" after his jealous girlfriend allegedly tried to hack him to death with a samurai sword—an attack he says he fended off thanks to his martial arts training and love of kung fu movies, Lovell told Oregon Live this week. Wing Chun, of course, is the close-range kung fu style that Donnie Yen uses to kick some serious ass in Ip Man.


On the night of March 2, the Washington State man reportedly woke up to his girlfriend of two years wielding a samurai sword. The woman, Emily Javier, had allegedly taped the sword and two knives to her bed in preparation for a brutal attack—she was furious that Lovell had Tinder on his phone, and suspected he was cheating on her. Police say she laid into Lovell with the blade after he fell asleep, hacking at his hands and slicing deep lacerations across his body before he could get his arms around her and restrain her.

"I didn't freeze. The Wing Chun came out," he explained in a separate interview with Buzzfeed News. "I was able to stand on a knee that was just almost chopped in half and a foot that was hanging on by a thread."

Apparently having second thoughts about what was she was doing—namely, brutally stabbing her boyfriend with a sword she bought at the mall—Javier called 911, and Lovell was raced to the hospital with "life-threatening injuries," according to Oregon Live. She's since pleaded not guilty to first-degree attempted murder, the Columbian reports.

"I was just so proud for beating this samurai wannabe crazy lady with hate in her heart," Lovell told Oregon Live. "I've been preparing my whole life for something like this."

Lovell told Oregon Live that he has some "gnarly injuries" and is looking at months of physical therapy to get him back to normal, but the guy is surprisingly chill about getting hacked to bits—likely another thing he learned from Ip Man.

"The feeling I had when I won the fight with my bare hands is just absolutely the best feeling," he said. "I've played all the sports, won big games, landed some decent tricks on my snowboard. This was better."

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