Young M.A Looks Back on Her Early Artistic Inspiration

In a deleted scene from VICELAND's 'The Therapist,' the Brooklyn rapper talks about her early days idolizing 50 Cent.
May 29, 2017, 5:01pm

Young M.A's rise over the past two years has been rapid. First backed by a series of YouTube freestyles and then launched by the addictive hit "OOOUUU," the Brooklyn rapper hasn't backed off since we first caught up with her in 2015. But all that has come built on a solid foundation—the now-25-year-old started rapping at nine. It's easy to forget what life was like before that.

In a deleted scene from this week's episode of VICELAND's The Therapist, Young M.A tells Siri Sat Nam Singh about her Brooklyn upbringing and her early inspiration. "Those were good days right there, the early 2000s," she says. "That's when New York was really playing no games. I think that's what made me fall in love with music and want to write and want to be a rapper and want to be an artist, because there was so much good music coming out. In my mind, I was looking like, "I want to be like that. I want to be a musician."

Watch the full episode tonight and read our interview with Singh himself right here.

The Therapist airs Monday nights at 10:30 PM EST on VICELAND.

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