Taurus, May 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

Taurus, May 2017

May opens with the Sun in your sign, Taurus!
May 1, 2017, 1:00pm

Happy solar return, Taurus! May opens with the Sun shining in your sign as you laze around, eating chips and enjoying life. Taurus season is wonderful! This is your time to focus on yourself and reconnect with your needs and goals.

You've been in a reserved mood lately, due to Mercury retrograde in Aries, which has activated a private, psychic sector of your chart. Being around other people's energy is overwhelming right now because you're able to feel all their emotions. But your heightened psychic abilities do come with a perk: Your dreams have been bringing some interesting messages.


Retrogrades are all about reviewing the past—and early this month, your focus is on past decisions you made impulsively (think back to March of this year). Mercury retrograde is an inauspicious time for communication, and for signing contracts, traveling, or shopping for anything important or expensive. You can live without making commitments or traveling, but not shopping for expensive items? What will you do with yourself? (Hint: Buy a dream journal or get into meditation!)

Expect delays and misunderstandings. You're not thinking clearly, and you're making thoughtless mistakes—but you won't have to worry about that for long. The retrograde ends May 3! Things will ease up once it's moving direct.

Taurus season is wonderful! This is your time to focus on yourself and reconnect with your needs and goals.

What's the juiciest part about Mercury in Aries, whether it's retrograde or direct? The secrets you'll hear and the hidden affairs you'll engage in. You're usually not sneaky, Taurus, but when you are, it's exciting!

Messenger planet Mercury enters your sign on May 15, West Coast, May 16, East Coast, putting you in a talkative mood—you won't be the introverted, psychically sensitive recluse you were while Mercury was retrograde. You'll also bring into the light some of the people, or issues, you kept in the shadows! You won't be in such a mysterious mood anymore (although it was fun!).


A full moon in Water sign Scorpio arrives May 10, activating the relationship sectors of your chart—full moons bring big climaxes, so expect your world to be rocked. A full moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the sky—when the Sun is in your sign, Taurus, it creates a chill, down-to-earth energy: perfect for spring's blossoms. New life is growing all around us—the cold darkness of winter is over, and birth is happening all around us.

But what about Scorpio? The little scorpion's deal is basically the reverse of yours. This autumn sign is leaving behind September's harvest and heading into greyer days: death, decay, and darkness. The gentle cow and creeping scorpion couldn't be more different… so, basically, this should be an exciting full moon.

Full moons are ultra emotional, and people will be driven to explore their feelings, no matter how messy it could get.

Again, the full moon is lighting up the sectors of your chart that deal with you and the people you partner with. If an issue has been ready to blow up, it will. Full moons are ultra emotional, and people will be driven to explore their feelings, no matter how messy it could get. People want to "go there"—will you? Amazing revelations, and even some decent compromises, could be made, despite how tumultuous the energy may be.

Your ruling planet Venus is currently in Fire sign Aries and, on May 19, it will oppose Jupiter in Air sign Libra—this is certainly a day to circle in your calendar! You will likely feel the effects a few days before and after, too. When an opposition between two planets takes place, the energy can feel confrontational, but there's always a good opportunity for finding compromise.


Venus was recently retrograde in Aries, and then Pisces, which was rough for you, but things are smoothing out—kind of. Lucky planet Jupiter tends to overindulge, so when Venus and Jupiter face off this month, expect to have fun (probably too much), but don't forget your responsibilities.

"Go with the flow" isn't a phrase often used to describe you, but during this time, someone will have to tie an anchor to you to make sure you don't get carried away, making bad decisions with whomever looks cute. (Honestly, probably everyone will look cute, so keep your standards high!)

When Venus and Pluto square off, we can expect control issues to flare up—people are hungry for power!

The sun says goodbye to your sign, until next year, and enters Air sign Gemini on May 20, illuminating the financial sector of your chart. On the surface, Gemini season is all about cash, but emotionally, it's time to check in with your self-worth and your issues of budgeting and security (emotional and material security).

A new moon in Gemini arrives May 25, wiping clean the slate concerning cash and confidence. But expect turbulent energy in the air because your ruling planet, Venus, in fierce Fire sign Aries, will square (a challenging astrological aspect) the lord of the underworld, Pluto, in Capricorn.

New moons are typically fantastic times to set intentions, and for you, Taurus, the new moon in Gemini is usually perfect for manifesting abundance. But Venus and Pluto's clash will complicate things. Yes—still light that green candle to draw in cash, and write some affirmations on Post-its about how fucking amazing you are, and slap them all around your apartment, but keep in mind that Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, will expect more from you in terms of being open to change and being smart about not getting fucked over by others. (Trust your gut when you feel like someone is manipulating you! Don't go along with things just to be polite!)

When Venus and Pluto square off, we can expect control issues to flare up—people are hungry for power! Jealousy and possessiveness are huge issues you need to watch for. Run as fast as you can from people who put you down but act like they have your best interest in mind. Relationships that break down due to control or jealousy are meant to be discarded—if someone cares for you, they won't try to manipulate you into doing what they want.

Use the power of the Gemini new moon to get in touch with your inner sense of security. If someone, a lover or even a friend, is making you feel like you can't live without them, or that they will lose their shit without you, realize that it's time to reach out to your best friends, or a counselor you trust, to help you get out of the smothering, controlling relationship you're caught in. The best way to work with Pluto is by bringing in a third party—it's hard to be a jealous freak when someone is watching you do it.

All that being said, it's also possible that you will have some hot-as-fuck sex during this time, but hey, I'm your astrologer, so I have to make sure I cover all the bases regarding your emotional and spiritual health. Say goodbye to any motherfuckers who are manipulating you, and have a great month, Taurus!