The Hamptons Is Getting a Rosé Drive-Thru

We may have reached peak rosé.
May 30, 2017, 2:00pm
Photo via Flickr user infomastern

In the most Hamptons-y thing to ever happen in the history of the Hamptons, a new kind of boozy drive-thru is debuting just in time for pink drink fans to get their quick fix all summer long.

Wölffer Estate Vineyard, an Eastern Long Island-based winery known for its popular "summer in a bottle" rosé, has unveiled plans for a Rosé Drive Thru, where customers can complete their fastest wine run ever—and snap the perfect #summer2k17 pic in front of an utterly Instagrammable pink and white striped cart, because #roséallday.


Though the company created its first batch of sparkling rosé in 1992 and produces a number of other wines, the Wölffer brand has been catapulted to success in recent years thanks to a boom in popularity for the buzzy pink beverage. The company's rosé production has grown to 15 times the size it was a decade ago to keep up with demand. In 2016, Wölffer Estate nearly doubled its production from the year before. Now, it annually produces 50,000 cases of rosé alone.

Photo courtesy of Wölffer Estate Winery.

While some wine industry insiders have mocked the rosé fever that has overtaken many a Memorial Day shindig and rooftop bar happy hour, that hasn't stopped sales from spiking dramatically in the last few years. And despite its blushing hue, many men have hopped on the Montauk-bound bandwagon, seizing upon the chosen catchphrase of "brosé" drinkers everywhere: "real men drink pink."

Even social media stars, including Instagram celebrities like The Fat Jewish and Daddy Issues, have gotten in on the rosé action with their own branded bottles, seeking to cash in on their Millennial audience's obsession. Last year, the star of the summer cocktail scene was frosé, a frozen slushy booze blend, and next month will see the arrival of a rosé-themed music festival, proving the summery wine has surpassed the mere status of beverage into a full-blown cultural phenomenon.

That bodes well for Wölffer's Rosé Drive Thru, which will be open at the winery's Sagaponack, Long Island wine stand on Fridays and Saturdays during holiday weekends, Business Insider reports. Open from 11 AM until 2 PM, the drive thru will exclusively sell rosé by the case-full ($260 for a case of the "summer in a bottle" blend, or $195 for their estate rosé).

Photo courtesy of Wölffer Estate Winery.

Those willing to stick around at the stand can also purchase wine by the glass or bottle, and catch a concert every Friday and Saturday through the end of September, beginning this weekend.

Though the average Hamptons-goer will likely have no problem hunting down some of the popular beverage—unlike summer 2014, when a rosé shortage struck fear in the hearts of oyster-slurping imbibers everywhere—the Vineyard's drive-thru is definitely the laziest method of stocking up this summer… which will no doubt make it a huge hit in a rosé-obsessed market that doesn't appear to be dying down anytime soon.

After all, this centenarian swears that pink wine is the key to a long life, which we consider completely legitimate evidence that there's no such thing as too much rosé.