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Daily Horoscope: May 28, 2017

Mercury connects with Neptune at 3:04 AM, creating a beautifully creative and sensitive atmosphere—but stay clear about your boundaries.
May 28, 2017, 7:00am

Mercury connects with Neptune at 3:04 AM, creating a beautifully creative and sensitive atmosphere—but stay clear about your boundaries. It's a busy and emotional morning, with the Moon in Cancer connecting with Jupiter at 4:58 AM, Neptune at 6:08 AM, and Mercury at 6:27 AM. The Moon opposes Pluto at 2:05 PM, stirring up intense emotions, and it clashes with Venus at 7:02 PM, bringing out people's desire to love and be loved. Mars opposes Saturn at 2:54 AM: Find healthy ways to express your frustrations.


All times EST.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, makes a gentle connection with the planet of fantasy, Neptune. Don't get too lost in a dream world! Make the most out of the vibe by listening to your intuition, but stay rooted in reality—especially this evening, when obstacles will arrive.


The energy is friendly and free early in the day, Cancer, but things will get tense later on. Frustrations over your chores or your schedule, as well as delays or scheduling conflicts, are likely to pop up. Make sure you have enough time to get your work done and to get some rest.


You're psychically tapped into everything this morning, Leo! Avoid energy vampires today—you're too sensitive for bad vibes at this time. This evening brings drama to your social life. Expect to be grumpy if you try to go out and party this evening.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is currently in fellow Earth sign Taurus, and today it makes a harmonious connection to Neptune, creating a charming, fairytale atmosphere. But watch out for frustration and obstacles tonight!


You're in a dreamy yet productive mood this morning, Libra. You're finding gentle yet effective ways to ask for what you want. But watch out for a frustrating argument this evening.


Easy, fairytale-esque energy flows around you early today, Scorpio. The Moon is in fellow Water sign Cancer, bringing you good vibes. But there's some harsh energy tonight, especially within your intimate relationships.


Waking up and dealing with daily life wasn't easy this morning, Sag—but once you get going, you'll find the vibe is easy, at least until later today. Obstacles within your relationships will come up.


You're being pulled in many directions today, Capricorn. This morning's easy, especially around communication (and connecting with your crush). Tonight, obstacles arise. Don't be surprised if plans are canceled or if people are in a bad mood.


The energy this morning is dreamy—you're feeling sensitive and psychically tapped in with everything that's happening around you. However, drama arrives in your social life this evening, and you'll be feeling frustrated and angry. Find a pillow to scream into.


Your psychic abilities are amped up this morning, Pisces! It's a wonderful day to practice your extrasensory perception. Watch out for tense vibes this evening, especially at work and with your family.


The Moon in Cancer has you in a private mood today, Aries, which is just as well. While the early part of the day is easy and dreamy, later on things will get intense. Watch out for a stressful conversation, and try not to say anything that you'll regret later.


There are a lot of ups and downs today, Taurus. The day begins with you in a dreamy mood, the atmosphere friendly and open hearted. But later today, frustration will occur, especially around trust, intimacy, and even money.

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