Capricorn, September 2016


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Capricorn, September 2016

​September is all about communication, finding new ways of thinking, and sharing your ideas with the world.
September 1, 2016, 1:00pm

September is all about communication, finding new ways of thinking, and sharing your ideas with the world. But it won't be easy: Mercury will be retrograde, and we'll have two eclipses and a stressful square (a tense astrological aspect) between your ruling planet, Saturn, and Neptune. As the first sign of the cold, dark winter season, you're pretty tough and can deal with difficult shit better than most people can. I'm not too worried about you this month, lovely sea-goat, but there's some very powerful, emotional stuff happening astrologically this September.


The first eclipse this month arrives on September 1: a solar eclipse in fellow Earth sign Virgo. This will be major if you're doing any traveling or schooling! Ditto if you're doing any publishing or trying to get your name "out there." On a more emotional level, this eclipse will force you to consider your ethics and standards. What's really right and wrong? The way you see the world is changing, and what you thought was right or wrong a year ago—or even last week—is evolving.

During this eclipse, the Sun in Virgo will square taskmaster Saturn in Sagittarius, which will be very tiring. Don't overbook yourself today; you don't have energy to spare. Because Saturn is your ruling planet, any time it's active, you'll feel the impact in a more personal way. Watch out for feeling belittled or underestimated today (this is not something you have an easy time dealing with, since you work your ass off, Capricorn). You may also feel like you're missing some brain cells, like nothing makes sense, or that everyone's in on some information that you've been left out of. Don't worry. It's eclipse season: Everything will be revealed.

Eclipses show us the world in a new light, expose lies, and deliver the truth. Because this eclipse takes place in Virgo, which rules the philosophical sector of your chart, it will be a big deal for you to reflect on what your truth is. You will likely confront some ideas you have about the world that are outdated, incorrect, or that you've outgrown.


The way you see the world is changing, and what you thought was right or wrong a year ago—or even last week—is evolving.

Keep in mind that this eclipse will be in the same sign as the current Mercury retrograde in Virgo, which began on August 30 and will end on September 22. As I'm sure you know, Capricorn, Mercury retrogrades suck: Don't sign any contracts, make any commitments, buy electronics, or travel—there will be a ton of miscommunications and delays going down this month. But Mercury retrograde isn't all bad: It's a good time to reflect on your past decisions (especially stuff that's come up since August 10) and to slow down.

On September 10, serious Saturn in Sagittarius squares hazy Neptune in dreamy Pisces. This is a very confusing combination, and the fact that Mercury is retrograde won't make things any easier. Saturn is all about rules, whereas Neptune is all about fantasy. When they're in a stressful angle, the vibe is anxious, fearful, and even paranoid. Think back to November 2015 and June of this year: Saturn and Neptune faced off at this time, too, and the themes you were working with back then will likely come up again now. Be very careful how you communicate things at this time, as people will have a hard time understanding you. It might be best not to say anything at all—save it for the next eclipse!

The next eclipse will be the lunar eclipse in Pisces, which arrives on September 16. This eclipse will illuminate the sector of your chart that rules your mind and communication, as well as your siblings and neighborhood, so expect big shakeups concerning those themes. You're not usually one to gossip, Capricorn, but during this eclipse you certainly will be: Plenty of juicy dirt will come up. In both your platonic and romantic relationships, this eclipse will push you to discuss whatever's been on your mind. You'll suddenly feel the need to express emotions and thoughts you never imagined sharing.


On September 9, the planet of luck and abundance, Jupiter, enters charming Air sign Libra, where it will stay until October 10, 2017. You might be thinking to yourself, Wow, something good is happening this month? Yes, Capricorn, yes it is! Jupiter in Libra will bring blessings to the sector of your chart that rules fame and fortune. Over the next year, you will be expanding in your career, becoming more and more popular, and receiving recognition for how awesome you are.

Libra is all about relationships; for as long as Jupiter is in this sign, it would be very wise for you to reflect on your work relationships and the people with whom the public associates you. Are you good at partnering with people professionally? Do you always work alone? (Probably—you hate group projects, Capricorn). These are great things to reflect on as Jupiter travels through Libra. Finding mutually beneficial (and fun!) ways to team up with people will bring you lots of success during this time.

Over the next year, you will be expanding in your career, becoming more and more popular, and receiving recognition for how awesome you are.

The later half of the month will be big around your career and popularity, thanks to so much action occurring in lovely Libra: On September 22 (the autumn equinox!) the Sun enters Libra, and on September 26, it will meet with Jupiter—if you're shy, this time will be super uncomfortable because everyone will be looking at you! The new moon in Libra on September 30 will bring a fresh start at work or with your reputation. This is a fantastic time to cast a spell for a promotion or to receive recognition for your talents!

Your social life also gets a big boost when sweet Venus enters sexy Scorpio on September 23! New friendships are blooming, and this is a wonderful time to connect with new people. In your romantic relationships, things could cool off a little bit, but this could actually be for the best: You might be able to get to know this person again as a friend or on a more intellectual level (instead of just making out all the time). Conversely, friends you wouldn't dream of smashing may end up in your bed during this time. That's just how Venus in Scorpio goes.

On September 26, Pluto ends its retrograde in your sign. Pluto is the lord of underworld, the planet of death and transformation—having it in your sign is certainly very powerful! The confidence you lacked early this month as you were getting whacked by the eclipses will return to you. Pluto will remind you how formidable you are.

You're shedding the old you, and with that, your relationships will also need to change. The power dynamics in your partnerships will become very obvious you toward the end of the month. Warrior Mars enters your sign on September 27, which will be an amazing boost energetically— you'll truly be unstoppable! You won't be afraid of confrontation, and you won't have time for the people who can't keep up with you.

See you in October, Capricorn!