The Best Thing I Put in My Mouth This Weekend

Because the piehole deserved it.
Illustration: Prianka Jain

Your (and our) facial orifice shouldn’t be taken for granted. It needs to be celebrated, loved, made happy. We hope you use your new year to do this because life is short and all that. This is our small attempt to document how VICE staffers, friends and family used the weekend past to make their mouths and souls happy.

Khandvi Sorbet


“Much to the displeasure of Gujjus around me, I loved this Khandvi Sorbet at Dubai’s modern Indian restaurant Trèsind, that opened in Mumbai’s BKC a couple of weeks ago. This delectable palate cleanser is part of an nine-course meal, produced by chef Himanshu Saini. As someone who swears by street food, I changed my mind about fine dining after devouring some of the most rooted dishes contemporised for the discernible diner.”
—Pallavi Pundir, Staff Writer and the one swinging between a hardcore Paleo diet and stealing ten cookies from the office cookie jar.


An egg-ceptional dessert


“Every trip back home (to Goa) warrants a fancy dinner with the fam, but my dad being allergic to egg makes it difficult to order any dish that includes it. This time, we made an egg-ception to try out a dessert that, despite its appearance, was totally eggless! Described as a ‘four-play of coconut and mango’, this gastronomical delight at the restaurant A Reverie, was disguised as an eggy breakfast but had the following: The sunny side up (coconut fondue and mango puree); the cracked (lemongrass jelly and mango sorbet); the boiled (coconut gelato, sprinkled with sweetened coconut crisps) and the coddled (a tender coconut panna cotta with passionfruit and mango coulis). This beautifully crafted signature dessert was really an egg-cellent idea.”
—Shamani Joshi, Junior Staff Writer and the resident pun-pedia.

A big, fat jalebi


“I usually prefer my jalebis thin and crisp but this juicy hunk at the Special Jalebi and Rabdi place in Old Delhi, paired with not-too-sweet rabdi, was smashing. I ate all 200 gms of it in less than a minute so I wouldn’t miss my train from Delhi to Nainital. The guy who runs this place—the one seated in the background—insisted I eat one more jalebi, offering it on the house just looking at my speed-eating skills. I never thought a day would come when the Gujju in me would turn down a free jalebi.”
—Dhvani Solani, Associate Editor and the primary absconder of New Year healthy eating resolutions.

Want to tell us about the best thing YOU put in your mouth? Write to us on about what it was, why it deserves to be here, and a picture of the big (or little—size shouldn’t matter) fella.