Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite NBA Player

What to get the NBAer who was everything? Weird stuff that they will probably look at you like you're a crazy person for getting them that!
December 21, 2018, 2:47pm
Atlanta Hawks mascot dressed as Santa Claus
Christmas themed pics were scarce this year, sue us. Photo by Eric S. Lesser/EPA-EFE

If you already have a hard time shopping for your friends and family when the holidays roll around, let alone when you leave things until the last minute, then we’re betting you’ve got no clue what to buy for the biggest, preternaturally athletic, and frankly pickiest people on your list—elite NBA players.

Don’t panic. Here’s a list of gifts tailored according to taste and insider intel, from rookie to MVP, that are sure to slam dunk their way from under the tree and into your favorite guy’s heart.


Klay Thompson

The role of introductory narrator in a production of A Tale of Two Cities, which he has clearly been obsessively practicing for. “It was the best of the best, best on both sides, of the best of times,” etc.

Kevin Durant

Maybe a realtor? To help find him and his favorite memory foam circle couch thing a home?

Russell Westbrook

The league’s very first, performance rated, velvet jersey.

Boban Marjanović

An agent, already!

P.J. Tucker

Shares in IHOP.

Steph Curry

An internship at NASA.

Nicola Jokić

Improv lessons.

LeBron James

There’s only one body-bettering arena and it’s requisite mini-economy in which James has yet to enter, and that’s skincare. Can you imagine the windfall if LeBron made the phrase “skincare routine” and its related ritualism familiar to the male NBA audience? For a gift, why not give a soft initiation to this constantly expanding universe with some experimental Hollywood spa treatments? The tapioca plunge, the blue-green algae bloom, the material on the outside of a basketball skin exfoliation—all great options.

Kristaps Porzingis

A long, long, long pair of custom long johns that he can spend his recovery in, keeping his ACL toasty and the rest of him clad in garish orange waffle knit from head to toe.

Greg Monroe

Extremely polarized sunglasses to protect his beautiful eyes!!

Austin Rivers

A matching set of durable luggage because the poor guy seems like he’s really going to be on the move this season.


Jamal Murray

What every Canadian boy wishes for! A GT Snow Racer.

Jimmy Butler

An exquisitely tailored pair of pants that remind him of his time on the Amalfi coast, and an Amalfi coat to match.

Anthony Davis

A big plant!

Patty Mills

Another shrimp to toss on the barbie! And for you to relax on these tired Australian tropes for once in your I am totally just kidding.

Draymond Green

Those hulk gloves that were popular a few years ago for him to wear during games since he seems so intent to tear off the limbs of his enemies. This way his need for great ferocity is appeased (there are built-in sound effects for when he chops a wrist, arm, neck) and everyone’s starting five stays intact until at least the All-Star break when he gets bored of them.

Jonas Valanciunas

A new thumb.

CJ McCollum

A new keyboard.

Kyle Lowry

For Toronto fans to erect not a statue, nay, but a shrine in which to worship the one Butt that truly will never, not ever, quit—his.

DeMarcus Cousins

A BOOGIE board.

Andrew Wiggins

A tree ornament of a beautiful, gilded mirror that he will continually catch his own reflection in. It comes in a simple, straightforward box with a note tucked inside that says: “Now you can always see what I saw: a winner, someone who wins, someone who practices as hard as I tell them to. A winner means you win and listen to me, the winner, Jimmy Butler.”

It’s signed "Anonymous."

Matthew Dellavedova

A measuring tape because he likes to check every day if he’s grown.


J.R. Smith

A basketball shaped (and sized) bath bomb from the LeBron James spa collection.

Miles, Mason, and Marshall Plumlee

The whereabouts of their long lost brother, Edward.

Mohamed Bamba

An authentic gold record in a frame with a tasteful plaque that reads: “MoBamba Number 5.”

Danny Green

A partridge in a pear tree to feed to his snakes, Jade and Jon Snow.

Al Horford

For Ben Affleck to leave him alone.

Marco Belinelli

An extremely sensual night of poetry.

Lauri Markkanen

A replacement Finnish sauna bucket and ladle for his old one that got waterlogged when the cleaning crew at the United Center used it for mopping up Disney On Ice by mistake.

Kyle Korver

Bushel of sugar beets and Spanish sweet onions—both, the pride of the state of Utah—to welcome the long travelled son back home.

John Wall

For the man who stands to gain $170 million, why not put that money to work for him? Why not help John Wall obtain the New York Knicks.

Taj Gibson

A pair of lightweight slip-ons to easily remove and flail without restraint at any who dare attempt a drive to his basket.

DeAndre Jordan

A regulation freighter foghorn he can mount in his bedroom to blast wistfully, forcefully, every morning to remind him of his old home on Venice Beach.

Kawhi Leonard

A San Antonio skyline rendered out of gingerbread that he can crush again and again then dunk in his Tim Horton’s signature French vanilla coffee.

Steven Adams


A full-length mirror that finally captures the vast entirety of him. It’s hard for him to see his full ‘fit!

Karl-Anthony Towns

A real version of the motorcycle he got to sit on during the filming of the Prince City Edition jerseys promo. The one they gave him after the shoot was an e-bike and they know it.

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Little known fact: Bogdan is an eggnog FIEND. Get him a 2 liter jug and, buddy, you’re the real Yuletide MVP.

Bojan Bogdanovic

Little known fact: Bojan is deathly afraid of eggs! Put them in a drink and serve it to him festively and, buddy, you’re the real Yuletide log.