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Democrats Took Back the House That Republicans Weren't Using

Harry Cheadle and Matt Taylor discuss what the midterm elections mean for both parties.
Trump and Pelosi
Image: Sgt. Marianique Santos/Department of Defense

Tuesday's midterm elections signaled a significant, albeit not sweeping, change across the country. Democrats nabbed more than two dozen seats in the House of Representatives, reflecting anti-Trump sentiments, especially in suburbia. But as VICE's Harry Cheadle points out, they're also gaining control of the House after the Republican party spent two years doing very little with its power.

While the Trump administration has undoubtedly made aggressive moves that include dismantling entire agencies, cracking down on immigration, and rolling back environmental regulations, most of this has been done through the executive branch. The House, meanwhile, has remained mostly stagnant, and is somewhat of a consolation prize for Democrats, who were hoping to make a stronger foothold in the Senate and other state positions.

Now, with a divided Senate and House, Democrats will still struggle to get things done, but they're committed to holding Trump accountable, forcing through investigations, and upholding policies around health and immigration. On Friday's podcast, Cheadle and VICE's news editor Matt Taylor discuss the possible outcomes.

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