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You Need to See Radioactivity Live, the New 'Pengabdi Setan,' and So Much More This Weekend

Start your weekend with a punk show and end it with a poetry reading.

Looking for some stuff to catch up on this weekend? Whether it's TV, movies, books, or anything in between—VICE has you covered. Read on for our staff recommendations on what to take in during your downtime:


If you're only going to watch one Indonesian horror film this year, it should be Pengabdi Setan 2.0. Go to your nearest theater, sit down, and relive the spirit of the golden era of 1980s Indonesian horror movies. The remake, directed by Joko Anwar, is a reminder of how fucking savage (and realistic) Indonesian ghosts are.


The remake keeps the horrific atmosphere of the original while doubling down on the scares with a truly creepy atmosphere. The result is a joyful, yet uneasy, cinematic journey to the dark heart of what scares us all.

But the most spine-chilling part is not even the mom; it's the painful reminder that sometimes even religion can't solve your #problems. Need some prep? Read our interview with Joko Anwar and watch the film's lead actress Tara Basro talk about being possessed on set. I promise you that after watching this, you'll never look at a cute baby the same way again. —Rizky Rahadianto


Radioactivity play the kind of hook-filled garage punk that gets stuck in your head for weeks. The band's self-titled debut is one of those rare albums that only gets better as it goes on. You listen to the melodic guitar lines and sing-along vocal hooks of songs like "Other Life," and "World of Pleasure," and think "this stuff is amazing," only realize that there's even better shit (like "Alone") deeper into the album.

The band's early incarnation was formed during guitarist/ vocalist Jeff Burke's time living in Japan. Burke is one of those guys who seems to constantly be in a new band. He was in legendary Texas band The Marked Men, along with fellow Radioactivity member Mark Ryan, before that band went on hiatus and it's members spun off with a growing list of side projects like Mind Spiders and High Tension Wires.


Tonight, Radioactivity are playing with fellow Texas garage punks Bad Sports and a long list of local bands including Vague, a post-hardcore band from VICE Indonesia's own Yudhistira Agato. The show is at Xabi Space, in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, and it's probably starting sometime around 7 p.m. But the venue is small, so maybe arrive on time. Or catch the bands in Bandung, West Java, and Yogyakarta later this week. —Jonathan Vit


Rick and Morty fans waited two years for the show's third season, and now it's going to wrap up with less episodes than expected. Fans of other shows would probably be disappointed and angry at the creators, but given that most Rick and Morty fans are dark nihilists who understand there is no meaning behind life and their existence depends entirely on blind luck, they'll probably accept their fate. This season has been full of some of the darkest episodes of the entire series. It tested our concepts of identity and ego time and time again, like when Rick fought a toxic version of himself, dying in the process but still managing to save himself by injecting a chest burster form of himself into his toxic alter ego.

The final episode of season three of Rick and Morty is airing this weekend. Since each show is a little over 20 minutes long, you have plenty of time to lock yourself in your bedroom, turn off the lights, and binge-watch the darkest cartoon on television before Sunday's season finale. —Arman Dzidzovic


If you're aiming for a rather chill Sunday evening, just come to Paviliun Puisi. Starting from 6 PM, poets Cyntha Hariadi, Dalam Jenggala, Edophillia x Nyxxx, and others will read their poems alou and Joko in Berlin will play some songs. As always, you can just come up to the stage and read whatever you want. I think Paviliun Puisi is truly the melting pot of Jakarta's poetry enthusiasts. It's not at all cliquish, everyone is welcome, and I heard they are preparing some cool surprises for Sunday night. It's also a really nice way to spend the last hours of the weekend before Monday starts again. —Syarafina Vidyadhana