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DeJ Loaf Talks Privacy in the Public Eye in a New Scene From 'The Therapist'

The rapper steps into Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh's office.

DeJ Loaf isn't your usual loud, showy rapper. She's actually private and soft-spoken, and in a new, deleted scene from VICELAND's The Therapist, she discusses her struggles about being "free in the industry"—keeping her private life out of the public eye—with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh. "I've always been just like, a closed-off… I don't share a lot with the world," she says.

In his genuinely infinite-seeming wisdom, Dr. Siri encourages her to make peace with being in the limelight with some anecdotes of his own. He also offers some practical advice: "you're judging you, so thus others will judge you—give 'em something to look at!" Honestly I think we could all benefit from an hour or two with Dr. Siri, but in the meantime, just check out the scene up top, and tune into The Therapist at 10:30PM on Tuesdays.